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We provide custom made irrigation systems just for you.

Why should I get an irrigation system in Hampton Roads?

Any property owner can get the garden hose out…but no one really wants to make the effort every morning and every night to unravel and drag the hose around the house and then coil it back up. If you have ever done this for any length of time, you know that no matter how easy the task appears, it’s an unwanted inconvenience at best! Not only will an automated sprinkler system do the work for you, even when you’re on vacation, it will also spread out the water more consistently, prevent the undesirable look of the hose itself and free up your time throughout those beautiful summer evenings.


Why do I need Watertown Lawn & Irrigation to help me?

Setting up a sprinkler system can be done on your own, however, it’s more than a one-day setup and to reap the greatest benefit and longevity of your system, it requires you to understand exactly what you’re doing. Creating a sprinkler system customized to your lawn includes a lot more than simply setting up sprinkler heads and laying a pipeline. Your yard must be precisely measured and your the water flow coming into the yard must be precise. Additionally, there are numerous details you may never think of, such as the sprinkler heads need to be able to spray far enough to strike nearby heads. Employing a professional is most likely your most safe bet, however you must still take a proactive technique to your sprinkler system setup.

Even with the wet and humid climate in Hampton Roads, in order to keep your exterior grounds looking lush and green, you need a well-designed watering system. For expert design and installation of custom-made irrigation systems plus the support of a knowledgeable and responsive service department, contact Watertown Lawn & Irrigation.


What services can Watertown provide when it comes to irrigation?

We provide the following:

Free estimates on new irrigation installations and re-designs

First-year winterization included with new custom-designed irrigation system

Maintenance, repair, and service for all makes and models

Winterization and spring start-ups

Specialization in: Installation, repair, and service

System additions

Rid-O-Rust Systems

Drip Irrigation

Pumps/Wells/City Water Connection

Re-designs of existing systems

We’re licensed and insured for both residential and commercial properties. We are proud to have been involved each and every year since 1998 with Homearama, designing and installing custom irrigation systems, serving Virginia Beach and all of Hampton Roads for over 20 years.

Contact us today at 757-631-9150 or fill out our form with questions or for a free estimate.

Irrigation Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is well known for its beautiful homes and lush green lawns. Finding the right irrigation company to install your irrigation system can be a challenge. Watertown Lawn & Irrigation is a company you can count on. We have highly qualified employee’s that get the job done right the first time. We understand the importance of happy customers and do our best to ensure every customer is satisfied. We are clean and proficient at our job and when we are done there is minimal trace that we were even there. Call us today or fill out the form above to set up a time for a free estimate.